Pulitzer Prize-winning communicator Michael C. Keller untangles complexity to tell compelling stories about our modern world. His work translates and brings to life subjects ranging from cutting-edge science and technology to political affairs, energy and climate change. 

As a writer, author and editorial consultant, his work has appeared online, in print and over the airwaves. Publications including Scientific American, Reuters and Forbes, among many others, have featured his independent editorial work.

His high-impact brand storytelling and content marketing has helped propel the messaging of international clients from GE to the International AIDS Vaccine Initiative and Environmental Defense Fund. How can he help you tell your story?


Brand Storytelling & Content Marketing


Connecting organizations with audiences through engaging text and multimedia.


Independent and fearless reportage. Powerful writing. Revealing truth and connecting people through storytelling.

Books & Anthologies


Writing that has won praise from NPR to Comic-Con and librarians around the country. Deep dives into evolution, global political affairs and communicating through a natural disaster.

“Keller has powerful skills of observation. He is smart. He’s perceptive. He’s sensitive. He’s genuine. It all shows.”

                —Barry Bearak, Pulitzer Prize–winning New York Times correspondent


“If you don’t appreciate his artistic style, you don’t know style.”

         —Bernard McCormick, Publisher, Gulfstream Media Group